New NFT Marketplace Scams List And Protection Guide Available Now

Dallas, Texas – May 12, 2022 —

Aggregated information website Vechain Zone has published a brand new NFT Marketplace Scams List And Protection Guide available online at

The guide is devoted to helping investors curious about NFTs and the Non-Fungible Tokens marketplace protect themselves from common NFT marketplace scams like phishing, rug pulls, fakes & counterfeits, as well as money laundering.

Along with the spectacular growth in the NFT marketplace, there has been a dramatic increase in both the number and the frequency of NFT scams, frauds, and outright thefts.

The NFT Marketplace Scams List And Protection Guide reveals urgent information to those that want help and guidance in understanding the NFT marketplace and what to look out for when considering any NFT investment.

Key highlights of the information and investment guide include explanations and examples of the most common scams, frauds, and thefts, such as:


*Rug Pulls




*NFT Money Laundering

Also included in the guide is a case study of a recent example involving one high-profile NFT investment that lost over 99.9999% of its value in just over 1 year. Readers will learn about this famous NFT dropping from the original $2.9 million purchase price to a value of only $280 dollars in less than 13 months.

The new NFT Marketplace Scams List And Protection Guide publication covers the most basic information for investing in NFT projects while avoiding the biggest pitfalls. Although the NFT marketplace has grown to over $17.6 billion dollars in 2021, most cryptocurrency investors have had little exposure to this new investment craze.

Even so, there are several platforms that may be used to purchase, sell, and trade NFTs, whether the investor resides in the USA or outside the USA. The bigger issue has been the millions of dollars lost to theft, counterfeiting, and other common NFT scams. In order to combat this problem for crypto enthusiasts hoping to profit from NFT investments but getting burned, this new NFT Marketplace Scams List And Protection Guide reveals the most common pitfalls and risks found with NFTs, as well as steps investors can take to get better results.

Interested readers are invited to evaluate the no-cost NFT Marketplace Scams List And Protection Guide in full on the website:

Based on recent developments in the Non-Fungible Tokens marketplace, over the previous 12 months more and more investors have not only been affected by old scams revamped for the NFT marketplace, but have been ripped off with newer fraud techniques created for the digital age. High-value NFT tokens worth millions have been stolen in big scores from unsuspecting buyers duped by “phishing,” while new NFT investors have gotten hit for smaller amounts, multiplied by thousands of NFT scam victims, in “rug-and-pull” schemes.

Speaking about the newly-published NFT investor protection guide, Barry Burroughs, business development specialist for stated, “With investors facing huge losses from NFT scams, this new NFT Marketplace Scams List And Protection Guide is designed to give both new and seasoned investors both tools and the information needed to protect themselves from bad actors in the NFT marketplace.”

Individuals are invited to access the NFT Marketplace Scams List And Protection Guide online at this address:

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