Dr. Laura Dabney’s Relationship RX Online Program – Intimacy Now Course Launched

The new site and program were launched in January 2022, and they are available now at https://relationship-rx.com/. The brand new website and program help individuals and couples work on themselves to better understand their needs and improve communication within their relationships.

Dr. Laura Dabney, founder and CEO of Relationship RX said, “The problem is people are frustrated or sad about the state of their relationship and think they can’t change it by themselves, but they can!” This misconception that they can’t work on relationship problems by themselves often keeps individuals from getting the help they need.

Relationship RX’s new website was redesigned to allow users to easily get relationship help on their own, from the comfort of their homes. They can simply buy an eBook, browse free resources, or enroll in a program, and they are on their way to healing their relationship. For those wanting to take the journey alone, they are able to enroll in the brand new Intimacy Now program where they can go through the six modules privately and at their own pace. If they need further help beyond the programs and products offered on the website, they can schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation to determine which program or service is right for their needs.

“Most people often don’t understand their own hearts and minds. They push and pull at each other and lead to destructive relational patterns,” said Dr. Laura Dabney. ” Relationship RX can guide individuals to see, change, and be free to choose their path to success.”

The Intimacy Now program, as well as Relationship RX’s other resources, allows customers to achieve stronger, more affectionate relationships. Dr. Laura Dabney adds, “The question every patient will be asking is ‘How can you fix my relationship?’” Relationship RX’s new website and program set out to answer this question.

More About Relationship RX

Relationship RX helps people anywhere in the world achieve the intimacy they want in their lives through online learning tools, online coaching, and content developed specifically to help improve troubled relationships. Founder, Dr. Laura Dabney, has been board-certified and uses her expertise, more than 20 years of experience, and first-hand knowledge to make positive changes in relationships.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting https://relationship-rx.com


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