Consumers Can Now Access The Only U.S. Utility Patented Sewer and Septic Alert System By Blackwater Alert

Blackwater Alert(TM) Now Offers the Only U.S. Utility Patented Sewer and Septic Alert System To Consumers

Sewer and septic backup are two disasters feared by property owners across the United States. The problem doesn’t start or surface in a day but is often due to the continuous accumulation of solid substances in the sewer line. Backups are an indication of a greater problem whose symptoms have gone unnoticed for some time. When septic backups happen, property owners are exposed to the threat of germs and harmful pathogens that can affect their health. To clean up the mess, they may have to incur significant expenses hiring a professional cleanup crew followed by plumbers to fix the problem. The health risks, stress, and expenses associated with a sewage backup makes it more dreadful.

Property owners are better off preventing this problem from happening rather than attending to the disaster. That is why Blackwater Alert(TM) is happy to have launched the only United States Utility Patented Sewer and Septic Alert System. The product, now available directly to consumers, will help property owners to monitor the threat of sewage backup and address the problem as needed before a disaster occurs.

Announcing the product, which is fast selling on the market, Cliff Harper, Founder and Owner Blackwater Alert(TM) said, “We built the Blackwater Alert to help people protect their homes and businesses from septic or sewer backup. We’ve seen too many homes damaged from blackwater backup. It seemed to me that if there was a way to alert the homeowner of a waste line blockage, they could get a plumber right away and avoid both damage to their home and the expense that goes along with cleaning it up.” Harper added, “I also wanted an easy way that Blackwater Alert could be programmed with your smartphone so that if you happen to be away from the property, you could still get an alert.”

With the sewage monitoring and alert system from Blackwater Alert(TM), more homes and businesses across the United States can now stay on top of impending sewage disasters and react quickly to prevent spending a fortune on cleanup and repairs. The company’s founder noted that their solution is aimed at reducing the impact of weekly sewer waste line back up.. He also noted that the use of their product prevents property owners, especially households from exposure to harmful bacteria and pathogens that can compromise their health and cost them more money in medical bills.

The septic backup alarm can easily be connected to the waste clean-out line. It is made from durable Schedule 40 Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) and features a low battery alert that keeps users updated on the battery level of their sewage backup monitoring device. The product also comes with an alarm shutoff feature that allows users to shut off the alarm as soon as the detected backup problem has been addressed. Each septic backup monitor comes with a 9-volt battery expected to last a year, thus putting consumers’ minds at rest.

The product also comes with a patented design featuring a drain port connected to a port release valve, which helps control and dramatically reduce basement cleanup. Per its design, the product can be attached to any size of waste line using the appropriate reducer bushing or coupling.

Describing the installation process after product purchase, the lead technician at the company said, “When installing a BlackwaterAlert(TM) System, the alarm should be installed so the release port angles down towards the floor. In addition, the plumber must install a valve on the alarm’s 1.5-inch diameter port. All connections should be taped with Teflon tape or glued with PVC glue. A threaded adaptor will allow for the unit to be easily removed for waste line access by a plumber. The BlackwaterAlert(TM) System should be protected from rain and snow if installed outside.”

The installation guide and battery replacement instructions have been included in the packaging along with a Phillips screwdriver to make installation easier for consumers. Consumers will also find a battery included in the packaging to power up their wastewater monitoring and alarm system. Batteries are disconnected during shipment and can be coupled by the consumer once installation has been complete. Each shipped package of the Blackwater Alert(TM) sewer monitoring and alarm system will come with the product itself, installation guides, a battery, and a screwdriver.

Get alerts that prevent disasters at home or anywhere in the building with Blackwater Alert(TM) septic backup alarm. Visit their website to start shopping or call (215) 932-5508 for inquiries. For more information, the company is headquartered at 1811 Hale Hollow Road, Bridgewater Corners, VT, 05035, US.

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