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To live a holistic lifestyle means to view all aspects of life as interconnected and important. To be holistic, one must be mindful of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and work to maintain balance in all of these areas. This can be done through a variety of practices, such as yoga, meditation, aromatherapy and journaling.

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A holistic lifestyle is not about perfection; it is about making small changes in life that can lead to a more balanced and fulfilling existence. It is about becoming more aware of thoughts, feelings and behaviors and taking steps to create positive change.

Holistic Health Talks website covers the various aspects of holistic living, here are practical tips for living a holistic life:

1. Make a list of the areas in life to improve upon.

2. Identify the practices to achieve balance in each area.

3. Include these practices in daily life.

4. Be patient and be open to change, it takes time to create lasting change.

A holistic lifestyle is a life that is in balance. Taking care of the mind, body, and spirit by eating healthy foods, getting enough exercise, and taking time for ones self.

A reader of Holistic Health Talks said “When you live a holistic lifestyle, you feel better mentally and physically. You have more energy and vitality. You are also more resistant to disease. That is why I focus on a holistic lifestyle”.

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