War-time Book Series “I’ll Take My Chances” Hits Amazon this Remembrance Day

Customers looking for an exceptional war-time book series are now able to purchase “I’ll Take My Chances, Vol: 1” by author Gary Turner. Gary Turner has just released more in depth details of “I’ll Take My Chances” Vol: 1-3’s development.

The “I’ll Take My Chances” series, is designed to appeal specifically to fans of fictional war stories and includes:

Life inside a military family – This was made part of the series, since it provides insight into a large part of North American culture. Customers who buy I’ll Take My Chances, Vol: 1-3 should enjoy this particular theme because they will get to experience multiple generations of war history through the eyes of a single family and their ideals.

Lesser known battles – Author Gary Turner made sure to make this part of the war-time book series’ development, as war history in modern day culture tends to focus on World War 1, World War 2, and the Vietnam War, often skipping important wars and battles like the Dakota War. Readers will likely appreciate this because they will learn more about integral conflicts which helped to shape the nation.

Love story – This theme was included because the stories of multiple generations of a military family simply cannot be told without the romances that kept this family going. This is great news for the reader as after dealing with some of the most horrifying themes war offers such as trench fighting, PTSD, shell shock and combat fatigue – love and family are what keep soldiers tethered to reality.

Gary Turner, when asked about I’ll Take My Chances, Vol: 1 said:

“This Remembrance Day, I invite people to take a walk through history and see the wars that shaped our world through the eyes of a fictional family. While this is written around a fictional family, an incredible amount of research went into this series so that the battles, the people, the sentiment, are all very accurate.”

This is author Gary Turner’s 2nd edition of the 3 volume series, “I’ll Take My Chances” and Gary is particularly excited about this release because fans have been asking for more and more. With this 2nd edition release complete, Gary can finally get back to writing more for those that have asked.

Those interested in purchasing can go directly to the product listing, here: https://www.garyturnerauthor.com/

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