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ListAbility is an online data broker that helps B2C, B2B, and real estate investors with easy list building services for advanced targeted marketing. But is it actually worth it to bank on the platform?

Well, here goes a detailed discussion that would help to get a clearer picture of ListAbility

What is ListAbility?

First things first, ListAbility is a list builder company for real estate professionals as well as many other businesses that wish to create targeted marketing lists for direct marketing.

The company offers real estate investor lists for aspiring investors who are looking for potential properties for investment. ListAbility also extends mailing and email lists for both B2B and B2C businesses.

For the real estate professionals, ListAbility gathers data from reporting jurisdictions located all over the USA.

For B2C businesses, ListAbility assures the most accurate and comprehensive consumer data, covering 25MM individuals across 160MM households.

For B2B businesses, the company sources list data from D&B database, an esteemed name in the world of collection and analysis of business information. It’s the most accurate and largest database for businesses, covering 14 million+ company addresses and names as well as 20 million+ contacts.

The ListAbility lists are intricately segmented based on several parameters like demographics, location, mortgage equity, age, gender, income group, buying intent and behavior, and so on. The lists are strategically designed to help out realty investors as well as businesses to build up more targeted marketing campaigns as well as expand their niche base.

Top features of ListAbility

ListAbility is bustling with a wide range of functional features to ensure an effective list building process and convenient targeted marketing for real estate pros and businesses. Here is a brief on the top features of the company.

Extensive search criteria

For real estate investors

ListAbility enables real estate professionals to build lists based on a wide range of search criteria. They can always go for the basic search criteria here, such as the location of the property. Otherwise, there is a wide range of parameters to choose from for an advanced search. These include –

� Location of the property owner

� LTV Equity

� Property Type

� Property Value

� Purchase Date/ Transfer Date

â? Owner’s age

For B2B businesses

ListAbility enables B2B businesses to build up a highly targeted list of business-clients based on a diverse range of criteria. Some of these include-

� Contact title and name

� Industry

� Range of sales volume

� Private Vs. Public

� Location of the Headquarter

� Woman/Minority owned, for say, Minority or Women Owned Business List

� Businesses by SIC

� Telephone number

� And more

For B2C businesses

The B2C businesses too will be able to build up a targeted consumer mailing list with ListAbility based on various parameters. Some of these include-

� Income

� Renter or homeowner

� Children, if any

� Pet, if any

� Marital status

� Occupation

� Buying behavior

� Interests

� Hobbies

� Mortgage selects

� And more

Quick list building

ListAbility assures fast and easy list building for users. Once the list has been created, ListAbility will export the list in .CSV format in just a click. If needed, users can also transform the list in PDF version.

Access to pre-built lists

Users who are too occupied to build up a list on their own, can seek help from it’s broad range of pre-built lists for faster list building. These pre-built lists will make the list building process even faster.

Pre-built lists for real estate investors:

� Vacant property list

� Inheritances property list

� Large lots list

� Equity

� Death of Joint Tenant Property List

� Absentee Homeowner List

� Pre-foreclosure List

� Reverse Mortgage Holders List

� And more

Pre-built lists for B2C business:

� Car Consumer List

� Charity Donor List

� Families with Children list

� Intergenerational family list

� Mortgage list

� Homeowner list

� Turning 65 List

� Pet Owners list

� Veterans List

� Religious people list

� Swimming pool list

� And more

Pre-built lists for B2B business:

� Franchise owners list

� Dentist mailing list

� Finance company list

� Physicians list

� Healthcare businesses list

� Home Based businesses list

� New businesses list

� Restaurants list

� Minority owned business list

� And more

Support services

ListAbility not only helps with mailing lists but also supports users with many additional services. These include Direct Mail Postcards, Google Ad Management, and Skip Tracing especially for real estate investors.

ListAbility is flexible to pre-print addresses of the targeted lists chosen by the user, customized as per the user’s mailing campaign.

ListAbility has come up with an advanced Skip Tracing software that assures premium results in just minutes and that too with 97.2 percent match rate.

Pricing plan

ListAbility comes with two major pricing models- one is the Self-Service model and the other is a Pay-As-You-Go model.

The good and bad of ListAbility

The good

� Extensive and accurate database sourced from the most esteemed sources

� Extensive search criteria to help in building the most targeted list

� Easy and fast list building

� Wide range of pre-built lists

� Simple to use, even for beginners

� Pay-per-go pricing model so that users only have to pay just as per the service needed

� Good customer support

� Expert assistance by seasoned list builders

The bad

� Users might find limitations in regard to property research.

Wrapping up

So, would you go or not with ListAbility?

Well, the platform certainly looks promising. It has come up with a vast and versatile range of lists to cater to a wide range of real estate investors as well as businesses. It won’t be exaggerating to say that the platform assures highly extensive, accurate, and timely updated data from trusted sources only. The pay-as-you-go pricing plan too is another plus. There could be some cons but if you weigh in the pros, the latter looks more convincing.

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