E-Pal provides a Platform to Small & Medium sized Creators to Monetize their Work, get more Exposure and Raise Funding for their Projects

E-Pal unveils a new platform for small and medium sized Creators to help them drive more revenues from their projects by giving them extensive visibility, and also support them in raising investments.

LAKE FOREST, CA, USA – E-Pal, a California based innovative startup company, is delighted to announce the launch of a unique platform for small and medium sized Creators to enable them to get more exposure and generate revenues from their work. The new feature promises to boost the Creator-based economy where entrepreneurs can feature their work and bring in more clients. With the launch of this latest feature that is designed to help creators maximize their efforts, E-Pal is expected to play a significant role in fueling the burgeoning creator economy.

The Creator economy is growing at a phenomenal pace across the world. Millions of people who lost their jobs during pandemic were drawn to this new source of income where though could earn a living online working from virtually anywhere. Many of them have been able to build full-time income, inspiring others to join the bandwagon. As a matter of fact, a recent survey found that 43% of surveyed Creators reported making full-time wage from their work at $50k in annual income or higher. This is a strong sign confirming the Creator Economy is not only real, but a force to be reckoned with.

Today there are many platforms available for Creators to showcase their talent. The top three platforms include Instagram, Youtube and Tiktok, among many others such as Snapchat, Twitch, Patreon, Cameo etc. Although these top platforms are quite popular get huge amount of traffic, most small and medium sized Creators still struggle to make any money through them. A large chunk of the revenue is cornered by a handful of top influencers who have built significant presence and following over the years. This leaves the new and average sized Creator high and dry.

“Our user community is our strength. We have built up a strong and supportive member base who is always willing to help out their fellow community members,” says a spokesperson at E-Pal. “The small and medium sized creators can always count on our helpful community to give that initial impetus that they need when they are starting out something new.”

It is estimated that the total market size of Creator Economy is around $105 Billion and is growing everyday, putting it on par with a substantial growth trajectory visible in the Gig Economy. In the last year alone, over $1B in fresh venture funding has poured into the market. This is strong validation of the Creator-based business model.

E-Pal has always been at the forefront of launching new tools on their platform to provide newbies multiple avenues to make money online. Their team has a keen eye for spotting disruptive business models that could be beneficial for their users. The new Creator project enhances the existing multitude of offerings on the platform and is another shining feather on their cap.

The platform provides various Creator Tools and useful tips and pointers to help members get started with monetizing their creative work. One of the biggest advantages with E-Pal platform is its integrated suite of apps that lets Creators collaborate and partner with others, get feedback, suggestions, inspiration, and most importantly their first set of customers. All that the Creators need to do is to focus on displaying their creative abilities rather than worrying about marketing their work.

“We wanted to provide creators with the ability to establish their brand without having to rely on major distribution channels or spending big money on advertising and marketing,” says a spokesperson at E-Pal. “We are committed to helping the Creators on our platform generate more revenues from their efforts.”

The Creator economy is here to stay with millions of people across the world who consider themselves creators. Despite the creator economy only being born a decade ago, it has become the fastest-growing segment of small businesses. The advancement in digital technology, availability of better-quality cameras on smartphones, faster mobile networks, affordable broadband connectivity and creator-focused social networks have spurred an inflection point for the industry. E-Pal with over a million userbase is well positioned to play a major in this niche.

About E-Pal

E-Pal is an authentic and personalized social companionship service platform chosen by over 1,000,000 users. In addition to providing gamers an opportunity to play games and earn money, it also offers useful and interesting lifestyle services such as emotional support, relationship advice, sleep calls and more. Visitors to the site can also download the E-Pal app for free from the Apple Store or Google Play.

For more information about E-Pal and other inquiries, send an email or reach out via the website (https://www.epal.gg/).

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