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A breakthrough technique based on ancient wisdom by Chinese Energetics addresses chronic lower back pain. Paul Wong, the founder, explains that pain is the result of frozen emotions held in their bodies. These, he says, are often hidden and suppressed. Using energy medicine, the healing practitioners can melt and release the body’s frozen emotions.

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According to his expertise working with thousands of chronic pain sufferers, the physical body holds onto shocks and traumas directly experienced or passed on to parents and their ancestors. Often, these old life experiences are forgotten and put away into the unconscious parts of the mind since they happened a long time ago.

Frozen emotions are stored in the memory banks of the body, creating havoc. When the body originally experiences these shocks or traumas, it goes into fight/flight mode and freezes the emotions to cope with pain and ensure survival.

The problem is that frozen emotions get stuck and are never processed, resulting in stuck garbage that locks one’s physical, emotional, mental, and psychological well-being.

These frozen emotions not only affect a person’s health but also their perceptions of life. They determine their reactions to life – whether a person responds with high stress and anxiety or with peace and calmness resulting in happiness, contentment, and joyfulness.

YouTube videos released by Chinese Energetics provide the training necessary for people to learn how to handle these complex issues. These are available to the public at no cost.

A few of the topics the videos teach include how to detect the body’s subtle responses and energies, and how to melt frozen emotions and let go of them.

They also educate on how to address underlying traumas or wounds held by frozen emotions. Finally, they show how to reprogram the body and be free from old habits.

New clients are encouraged to watch free pain relief videos and schedule appointments online.

Manufacturing business owner turned executive life coach, and hypnotherapist Connie Huft states, “It’s truly changed my life. Even though l have been doing self-work over the past six, seven years of my life, Paul’s work helped me get through the deep-seated emotional issues that didn’t know were even there. It was affecting me physically and even financially. It was pretty amazing processing stuck emotions connected to my early life and ancestors.”

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About Chinese Energetics

As the founder of Chinese Energetics, Paul Wong, speaks from personal experience. Suffering from chronic asthma caused him to embark on a journey to learn China’s ancient healing arts. In his quest, he has also spent much time with spiritual masters in India. Through this, he also created a program for healing subconscious wounds called “Heart Wisdom Process.” Paul and his practitioners conduct various forms of healing sessions and classes.

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