Amazon FC Workers: Clinically-Proven Carpal Tunnel Relief In Your Warehouse Now

Working for Amazon certainly has its perks, and working in an Amazon FC allows for the security of the Amazon paycheck without the constraints that a corporate desk job can bring. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t down sides. Carpal tunnel syndrome is typically thought of as more of a “desk job problem”, but as it happens, it’s pretty common in warehouse jobs that have workers performing the same few tasks repeatedly. The numbness, tingling, and in some cases throbbing pain can make it difficult to get through the day. And as any Amazonian knows, your contribution matters. The numbers matter.

Though paid time off is generous at Amazon, there is only so much time away that a person can take. Everything in the FC is finely-tuned, tightly orchestrated, and that includes the functions the workers perform. If someone can’t do their job, they’ll have to be replaced. It’s brutal, but that’s life in the Amazon. So, what can be done? Surgery is one option, but it’s not practical for many people. It can be expensive, and once again, there is the issue of time off. Wrist braces have traditionally been a remedy but they come with their own set of problems, namely that they just immobilize everything. They don’t necessarily work, they’re ugly, and if they do stop the pain, the whole area is immobilized… so what’s the point?

Clinically proven Carpal AID is the sweet spot between all these options. It keeps people working, and free of pain too. It’s a quality product available on, and should be in every break room in every FC at Amazon too, because it’s so effective at relieving pain and putting people back in their happy place. Workers love Carpal AID because it works, and managers love it because it relieves the discomfort of their team, getting them back to work, happily.

Amazon FC workers everywhere are discovering how Carpal AID relieves the painful symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, almost on contact. With a simple piece of plastic that’s easy to use no matter where you are, relief can be found as soon as symptoms crop up.

To apply a Carpal AID pain relief patch, simply wash and dry hands thoroughly, peel off the adhesive backing, and position it directly on the palm of the hand. The patch will stay secure for up to 8 hours without slipping, but if needed, a new patch can be applied at any time.

Because Carpal AID is drug-free, there is no dosage to keep track of, and no worries about operating heavy machinery, carrying heavy objects, or climbing ladders. Being clear headed at work in a fulfillment center isn’t just important, it’s a requirement.

“Amazon’s Fulfillment Centers work hard to keep things running smoothly, and Carpal AID is proud to support the workers by keeping them pain-free. Amazon obsesses over their customers, and so do we. We look forward to a time when people reach for Carpal AID to alleviate their carpal tunnel discomfort like they look for ibuprofen or any other common thing in their break room first aid kit.”

– Ilan Nouvahian, Executive Vice President, Carpal AID

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