Day: October 16, 2021

Binance’s Malta,Hoo’s Dubai

Press Release
October 17-20,” Future Blockchain Summit 2021” will be held in Dubai World Trade Center. The world’s top blockchain companies including IBM, Google, Binance, etc. will gather here to showcase the world’s most innovative blockchain achievements. As the gold sponsor of this conference, Hoo Global will also make a high-profile debut at the conference, and officially start a global layout with Dubai as the radiant point. It is understood that, in addition to Hoo Global, the head digital asset trading platforms such as Huobi and Binance have also laid out in Dubai, the “global blockchain center”. Dubai, which once relied on oil to rise, has now become the first choice for entrepreneurs in the crypto industry. This is not only due to the Dubai government’s policy support for the encryption in...

Ninja Raiders League Draws Closer To Completion

Press Release
N.Fans’ first and upcoming game, currently titled ‘Ninja Raiders League’, nears its completion as it undergoes a second round of beta testing. The game was announced in mid-to-late September and has since then seen two separate closed-beta sessions with over 1,300 combined participants. The second one, which started on October the 10th, was planned to test the rigidity of all the feedback gathered and implemented after the first beta round. With over a thousand feedback forms filled, the N.Fans development team ensured sufficient amounts of decentralization and quality control by listening to the masses and applying their suggestions to the up and coming video game.  The User-Interface  Oftentimes, nothing beats simplicity, and that is the case with the UI present in Ninja Raiders...