How is MDX committed to optimizing transaction experience and building a prosperous ecosystem of MDE

In February this year, Mdex became the dark horse among diversified DeFi projects. Thanks to its multiple user incentives, Mdex achieved high performance in TVL and user transactions at the beginning of its launch, overtaking Uniswap and PancakeSwap, securing “double championships”.

At first, MDEX’s high TVL and transaction volume were not convincing to the users who believe these impressive data performances were mainly achieved by strong user incentives. However, this is nothing but a misconception. MDEX at present stills manages to stay on the top ranking in terms of these two indicators and even are on par with PancakeSwap and Uniswap after it greatly reduced user incentives.

Official statistics from Mdex show that in July, a dismal month for the overall crypto market, Mdex’s transaction volume exceeded $25 billion, with an average daily volume reaching $812 million. The total number of users surpassed 4 million, while the total rewards distributed to Mdex users amounted to $95 million.

According to Coingecko’s data, based on its daily transaction volume of $800 million in July, Mdex would rank second in DEX or top ten among CEX, overtaking the well-known exchanges such as OKEX, given the current market momentum.

As the chart below shows, MDEX remains very stable in terms of its transaction volume, immune to the reduced revenue from transaction mining. Pancake’s transaction volume, on the other hand, is less strong than that of MDEX.

Meanwhile, MDEX experienced a steady rise in the total number of transactions, which reflects higher user activity, albeit a far cry from Pancake. However, such a gap is quite normal considering the much stronger ecology of BSC compared to Heco which is Mdex’s main battleground.

With a stable data performance, MDEX firmly secures its leadership in the DEX field. This encourages us to think about other reasons for Mdex’s strong momentum: user loyalty does not come from financial incentives, but rather the good transaction experience offered.

Mainstream DEXes employ the AMM model for on-chain transactions, which have solved the problems of insufficient liquidity, difficulty in finding token pairs, troublesome procedures and high transaction fees. The aim to make on-chain transactions faster and more convenient becomes the single spark that can start the fire of the Defi prairie as it can unleash the potential of liquidity mining and help projects to rapidly gather a certain level of liquidity at their early stage.

However, every coin has its two sides. While users enjoy the convenience offered by the AMM model, they have also lost some initiatives, since they don’t have access to market information, and can’t trade at their desired price.

To address this issue, Mdex first introduced the Markets function through a professional market charting tool TradingView. This newly launched function allows users to view price movements and transaction depth, etc when trading on MDEX, thus greatly improving users’ initiative in performing transactions.

And recently, Mdex has taken a further step by introducing the service of pending order transactions to make transactions easier for users. Currently, mainstream DEX projects commonly suffer from a poor user experience that is caused by the low depth of pending orders and limited transactions. Most Defi users therefore still need to go to CEX for pending order transactions. MDEX has solved this issue by innovatively combining the depth of pending order transactions with that of the liquidity pool, a strategy that can greatly enhance user experience, thus avoiding the situation in which no transaction is reached due to the low depth of pending order.

With strong user incentives, Mdex has established good transaction depth and liquidity, and stills aims to further improve users’ transaction experience. The Markets function and pending order transaction enable Mdex users to enjoy both the security of DEX and the convenience of CEX. These two steps are the very exemplar of Mdex’s deep commitment to its transaction products.

In addition, Mdex has more to offer. Aside from enhancing user transaction experience, Mdex is slowly growing from a DEX to a prosperous ecosystem. The IMO and the $30 million Hunter plan are already underway; derivatives and stablecoins are being developed as scheduled. The upcoming DAO will also contribute to the growth of the Mdex ecosystem.

As an open platform, the establishment of DAO will encourage the autonomy of the MDEX. This means that Mdex holders will be able to submit proposals, vote for governance, and decide on both major and minor matters for Mdex governance, injecting more vigor for MDX.

To participate in the governance of Mdex, users first need to stake MDX in the Mdex Boardroom to obtain the voting and governance right before they can participate in voting for governance to decide on a number of matters ranging from adjusting Mdex’s mining pools and using the ecological fund, to selecting cooperation projects and even changing the development direction.

MDEX also plans to reward users with equities for their participation in DAO governance. MDEX will soon launch the election plan for board members, and 21 super directors will be elected through MDX voting. The elected board members will enjoy rights to initiate proposals and receive high revenue dividends, while users can participate in the governance of Mdex through voting and get corresponding rewards.

It is worth noting that Mdex is currently developing in multiple chains, and stakers of MDX, regardless of the chains they trade, can enjoy governance rights over across Mdex’s ecology, including future products.

Another long-term benefit for MDX community and its token holders is that MDX will soon launch its second halving on September 2, during which MDX output will be reduced to 20 pieces per block. This means MDEX will enjoy an even lower inflation rate. This, accompanied by an increase of MDX application scenarios, will eventually propel the outstanding market performance of MDX, on the basis of a good user base and diversified qualified products.

Currently, Mdex is on par with Uniswap and PancakeSwap in terms of certain important data performances but the market value of MDX is much smaller than the other two. This means that MDEX still has lots of potentials to unleash. At the same time, Mdex also enjoys broad application scenarios in the future. It can be said that MDX boasts a very promising investment prospect that is worth waiting for.

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