Day: August 13, 2021

TokenEco trading platform and Bigger Capital join forces to reach in-depth strategic cooperation

Press Release
According to official news, the TokenEco trading platform( has officially reached a strategic partnership with Bigger Capital, a professional investment fund in the field of digital assets. The two parties will conduct in-depth cooperation in technology iteration, resource introduction, brand promotion, etc. In addition to the strategic blessings of Bigger Capital in the globalization process of TokenEco this round, it will also increase its holdings of the TokenEco platform currency “TT” from time to time, focusing on strengthening the layout of the DAO track and assisting the development of the TECO ecosystem in an all-round way. Win-win cooperation Since 2017, Bigger Capital has invested in many well-known blockchain projects, such as Filecoin, Dfinity, Airsw...

T&C Foundation’s APoV Exhibition The World We Made Up for Auction as NFT Art

Press Release
– Having consoled the hearts of 110,000 viewers, the exhibition of empathy The World We Made extends its sales to NFT art, in succession to the exhibit at Jeju Island’s Podo Museum and Metaverse – 13 artworks up for auction on Featured by Binance, from August 8th to 15th – T&C Foundation, uses proceeds to support artists in the exhibition and bridge the educational gap between underprivileged youth/teens 12 August, 2021, Friday – Artworks displayed by the APoV exhibition The World We Made have been created into Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) art, and will be put up for auction on the NFT platform Featured by Binance (, announced T&C Foundation ( The APoV exhibition, The World We Made, put together through the installation artworks of ei...