Day: July 28, 2021

NFT Voting Mechanisms May Help To Find A Fair Value For Crypto Arts

Press Release
NFT Voting Mechanisms May Help To Find A Fair Value For Crypto ArtsIn a world where decentralization is gaining popularity and people’s voices are getting louder, UniArts is aiming to implement these concepts and principles into its project; a platform where art is better appreciated. What Makes Art Valuable? What determines the value of art is a rather tricky subject, for which there are a variety of conflicting yet valid and sound arguments. Fundamentally speaking, demand is what determines the value of one’s work, but the question is: what creates a demand? What elements of art lead someone to want to own a piece, so much so that they’d pay for some version of it? Some argue that art is a subjective matter, and that each individual sees something different in a piece. Others li...

ECPS Offers Enhanced Security And Data Protection For Cloud Computing Data Processing

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With the growing popularity of IOT, and the sharp increase in computing tasks, large amount of data beyond our capabilities needs to be processed. With 5G network being implemented across the world, the task of uploading extreme amount of data will be a key issue. Cloud computing and AI Technology promised the world real-time data processing. However, the amount of data and complexity have overwhelmed the current network system. Traditionally, sending data to processing center often led to downtime and lagging issues. Unlike cloud computing, ECPS is able to provide a more efficient method – process and analyze data at its computer terminal. By sending the process of transferring data to a nearby server, ECPS can dramatically increase the speed of processing and analyzing. What...