The Abundant Water Mining Gold of Bull Market Cannot Be Missed Under the Trend of Carbon Neutralization

The three-month-long abundant water period is due to begin on May 25, and a “hashrate war” is about to begin. In the meantime, more than 40,000 hydroelectric dams in southwest China will see a peak in power production and the lowest price of electricity in a year — allowing miners to obtain Bitcoin at lower costs. Therefore, the success of grasping the abundant water period directly relates to the miner’s overall income of a year and survival problems. The importance of abundant water period for miners is self-evident. Mining during abundant water period is the opportunity that miners must seize for grasping the bull market.

Digital currency is promising and the pattern of mining is improving

In 2021, digital currency, led by the record-breaking Bitcoin, saw waves of rage, and over the past week, the brightest of all was Ethereum and Dogecoin, which were at the top of the market capitalization. This week, Ethereum breached the $3900 mark to a record high of $3957, pushing the market value to more than $410 billion. Dogecoin, which was first used as a tip, also gained momentum, pushing up to $0.7, with a market value of more than $80 billion, surpassing Ripple to become the fourth-largest encrypted currency.

With more and more digital currency joining the league, there are more and more supporting suppliers that cover almost every link of the mining industry chain. At the same time, exhibitors are becoming more and more diversified. 

In international form, Bitcoin’s dominance of mining hashrate has been in China’s hands in previous years. But in recent years, China’s share has dropped from 80% and 90% to 60% and 70% now, the industrial location of the mining industry has gradually changed, a large number of hashrate have moved abroad, and the number of mining centers in the United States and Russia has gradually increased. Meng Xiaoni also said that at present, China’s hashrate advantage is quite obvious, this advantage will be maintained for some time, so our focus has not completely shifted to abroad, but the direction of business breakthrough has been adjusted to abroad. With the advantage of overseas resources, we can gain overseas incremental hashrate.

The future has come, the only constant is change

Meng Xiaoni, vice president of Bitcoin Mining Group and chief executive of BTC.COM, brought the theme preaching of “The future has come, the only constant is change”, making relevant interpretation on the “change” trend and “responding” ability around three parts of blockchain industry, itself, and mining abundant water period.

Regarding the industry, in Meng Xiaoni’s view, the blockchain 3.0 era has come, the blockchain will extend to various industries outside the financial industry, to produce application scenarios, to meet more complex business logic, and to promote greater industrial reform. And in the next five years, it will certainly bring the golden five-year development opportunities to the blockchain industry and practitioners, more cross-domain blockchain service enterprises with abundant financial resources will come into being, and the industry will thus get a benign circular development.

As for the abundant water period, based on the 2020 earnings data, Meng Xiaoni believes that per T mining income of 2021 will be much higher than that of last year’s abundant water period, and the profit effect will be significant. According to current and projected mining earnings, the key to capture the dividend in the abundant water period in 2021 is the “spot and relocation strategy”. And for novice miners, buying a hashrate platform package with spot goods capabilities is a great choice.

New opportunities under carbon neutralization

At this conference, “carbon neutralization” became one of the main topics. Wu Jihan pointed out that this will be a long-term impact on the industry, people should not take any chances with the “carbon neutralization”, if the country wants to solve this problem, it will be solved very fast. Clean energy mining will become one of the main energy sources in the future.

Ms. Meng Xiaoni also said that China’s goal of carbon neutralization had given a crucial signal that its huge China’s capacity, China’s market and China’s demand would be achieved in a more environmentally friendly way. This is bound to provide great leadership for the global economic industry, but also has a strong butterfly effect, in the future, there will be more countries to join the construction group, leading to global economic change; under this trend, the original coal-electricity energy and petrochemical energy will lead to regional distribution changes because of policies, and moreover, with the emergence of more new energy types, it will also lead to more demand for new energy use;

There is no doubt that clean energy is a global energy use trend. In fact, most of the mining industry uses clean energy. Bitcoin Mining Group has already had three mines with a total load of about 435 megawatts, all are hydroelectric mines, and clean energy is already in use.

BTC mining pool escorts for abundant water miners

As we all know, the traditional mining industry is extremely energy-dependent, cheap and stable power resources have always been the key elements of mining enterprises and miners, from the current “carbon neutralization” policy implementation trend, it is bound to accelerate the blockchain mining reform. And BTC mining pool also lays out early in this field. After five years of development, has become the world’s leading multi-currency comprehensive service mining pool since the first block was excavated in 2016. As one of the most well-known, largest and customer-oriented mining pools in the industry, we always keep our products up-to-date and optimized, for example, we will add the effective hashrate of the day to our mobile income list in the near future to ensure the miners’ interests consistently. Three guarantees support our mining pool and data services to forward steadily all the way.

1. Continuous optimization of mining pool service — convenient management

2. The most realistic and transparent mining data — guaranteed returns

3. Stable and innovative team — technology support

In the 2021 bull market abundant water period, will continue to serve as an abundant escort to launch multi-super benefits! Online activities are designed aiming at miners of abundant water period, the surprises and discounts cover all miners.

During the 2021 bull market abundant water period, will continue to serve as an abundant escort to launch multi-super benefits. Activities are designed aiming at miners of abundant water period, and the surprises and discounts cover all miners.

Surprise 1. Exclusive 5A abundant water custody mine miners during the Wet Season Festival will receive exclusive cooperative hydropower mine custody positions provided by to help them get the cheapest electricity price during abundant water period.

Surprise 2. Summer tour in Yunnan – rejuvenate your body and mind

During Wet Season Festival, all newly-added hashrate users will have the opportunity to take part in the’s summer tour in Yunnan to rejuvenate their body and mind.

Surprise 3. Mining to share ETH

All first-quarter miners, as long as their hashrate reaches the requirement and they completed sub-account binding based on the activity requirements, they will receive ETH awards in proportion.

Surprise 4. × Matrixport super joint name VIP

The industry’s top brands and Matrixport jointly created the industry’s first cross-disciplinary membership service. Users not only can receive exquisite honor medal, but also can enjoy the super-luxury service of all products of the two brands, and if the qualifications are met, the service can be extended for life. For more information, users can refer to the official website bulletin.

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