Day: May 3, 2021

Super DeFi lending platform layer announced to be launched soon

Press Release
On April 29 (UTC + 8), Layer announced on its official Twitter that the lending products will be launched on the official website on May 7, and the first month of mining will start simultaneously. Layer is a new DeFi platform based BSC that supports BEP-20 full-currency deposits and loans. Users can get $LAYER when they participate in deposit and provide liquidity. In the first month, the $LAYER product only had 200,000. In the first week is deposit mining, users can participate in mining by depositing BUSD-T (USDT based on BSC), and liquidity mining will increase in the second to fourth weeks. Users provide LAYER on pancakeswap Liquidity can participate in mining. The number of releases in the first month is as follows: What is layer Layer protocol is a money market smart...

The CoinTumbler

Press Release
A Coin Tumbler? Yes, it protects your privacy by cleaning up your crypto transaction trail!  Why you need the CoinTumbler What is the most glaring deficiency in the cryptocurrency world today? The answer is simple: PRIVACY! Despite the fact that the blockchain is quick, efficient and economic to use, everyone knows that privacy is the major issue that up to now has not been successfully addressed in any meaningful way. This problem has been one of the major stumbling blocks hindering major corporations, companies and investors entering the cryptocurrency market, as well as scaring off average users because of the over-transparent nature of the blockchain.  How is privacy compromised on the blockchain? Every cryptocurrency user knows that the blockchain is fully transparent, ...

DeFi’s dark horse in lending ——BDMProtocol

Press Release
DeFi , decentralized finance , will be the most important track for blockchain in the future .DeFi advanced all the way in the impetuous state of the huge market prospects behind DeFi .BDMProtocol moves into the lending field for DeFi and became a global dark horse . BDMProtocol: blockchain world “Ant Financial Services Group” BDMProtocol is a global open financial application platform based on blockchain and crypto currency . The BDM ecosystem covers financial services , cultural entertainment , IP copyright , Internet of Things , sharing economy and other scenarios . The BDM development team is committed to reshaping the global financial ecology with blockchain technology , building BDMProtocol projects , and creating DeFi ecological agreements and encrypted asset value investme...