Online game ‘Roblox’ adding controversial new feature

Roblox is perhaps the most popular games on the world, and it’s adding a controversial new feature that has fans divided. During a call with investors, Roblox Corporation reported that not exclusively is it adding voice chat, or more specifically “safe” voice chat, to the well known game, yet soon. How soon precisely, Roblox Corporation didn’t say, however it said enough to have a few players extremely worried and unhappy.

At this moment, subtleties on the usage of voice visit in Roblox are scarce. Furthermore, as you may know, they effectively pretty much realized Roblox Corporation was trying different things with the component and hoping to add it, on the grounds that the element sprung up in the game’s records right back in 2019. Over the long run, Roblox Corporation has added to these documents with increasingly more work on a voice talk capacity, and now it’s been declared.

Once more, right now of distributing, Roblox Corporation hasn’t said a lot regarding the element past affirming it and furnishing a report on its usage with financial backers. What’s more, as you would expect, a few players are amped up for the new component and what it could bring to the game, yet others don’t share this eagerness.

Roblox is basically a children’s game, so obviously, there are worries that kids could now be presented to profanity and pessimism through voice talk. In the mean time, others aren’t persuaded it will add anything advantageous to the experience.

Right now of publishing, Roblox Corporation hasn’t said whatever else about voice talk coming to Roblox nor has it tended to the kickback the news has made. In the event that this changes, they will make certain to update the story likewise.

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