Tesla’s latest Model S will lets you play Witcher 3 on an implicit 10 teraflop gaming rig

In the event that you can’t discover a PS5 or Xbox Series X, what about a $80,000 electric sports car with similar execution? Tesla just declared its invigorated Model S today, and another “Plaid” powertrain isn’t its only performance enhancement — the organization guarantees the vehicle would now be able to rival cutting edge gaming supports, on account of a 10-teraflop gaming PC that will evidently accompany each new model.

Assuming that alludes to GPU execution and Tesla isn’t uncontrollably overstating, that may surely be serious with a PS5 or Xbox Series X, which offer 10.28 teraflops and 12 teraflops of crude GPU power individually. There’s a whole other world to execution than teraflops, however.

Presently, you may ask: who will place a game in your vehicle that may really exploit a gaming PC? For that, I should request that you take a gander at the pictures above and underneath. See: CD Projekt’s acclaimed blade throwing experience The Witcher 3, similarly as Musk prognosticated:

Here are various things we still don’t still:

  • Is The Witcher 3 really coming to Tesla, and when? (We’ve asked CD Projekt.)
  • Would you be able to play it on the 17-inch, 2200 x 1300-pixel primary presentation, or just on the 8-inch second line show? Or on the other hand both?
  • Will you need another regulator? (Tesla says it has “wireless controller compatibility” yet that is all we know.)
  • Who’s making the GPU? (We’ve pinged Nvidia and AMD.)
  • Who will sit in their $80,000 sports vehicle and play a 70+ hour game? (fingers crossed for cloud saves)
  • Why not Cyberpunk? (OK, this current one’s a joke.)

You can see the cases for yourself at Tesla’s Model S site, however they’re somewhat covered: you need to go to the shop, look down to “Interior” and click on “Feature Details.”

Tesla’s been carrying games to its vehicles for some time now: we evaluated Tesla Arcade on a Model 3 back in 2019, and both the primary degree of Cuphead and a vehicle karaoke mode went to the organization’s in-vehicle programming soon thereafter. Aftermath Shelter was added to the cars a year ago.

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